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HK Tour Pics

Pics taken by myself ^_^

If you want to swap pics with me, just fill out the form below or
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Important notice!!!
I really want to swap pics or anything about Westlife instead of getting money from you guys.
It's kinda troublesome in sending money......
But, if you don't have things to swap with me, you have to pay the pics.
(HK$2 each -- film developing fee)
Thanks for your support!!!! ^_^

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Showcase held in Planet Hollywood

Pic 1


Pic 2                                           Pic 3


In the airport (morning)

Pic 4                                Pic 5


In the airport (night)

Pic 6                                        Pic 7


If you wanna swap pics with me or just want the pics from me, fill out the form below
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Pic 4 
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What do you have to swap with me? Any other thing you want from me?


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