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*2 July 2001*

It's so happy that my friend bought me the Shane doll in UK!!! She also bought Mark and Kian dolls. Btw, I ho[pe you guys enjoy the 2001 tour report this time ^_^ Feel free to send me messages and comments on the report!!! Seeya!!!



*9 May 2001*

Sorry again to you guys!!! It's been centuries that I didn't update the site..... ~_~
(nearly the same as what I said in the last update.....hohoho)

First, I changed the layout a bit with the new MV captures from Uptown Girl and together with the midi song ^_^

Westlife are coming to HK again next month!!! This time they will have a concert in the HK Coliseum on 3rd June 2001!!! Here's the concert poster!

 I will update the site once I 've got more information on the HK tour schedule.
Stay tune!!! ^_^

*4 October 2000*

A big sorry to you guys!!! It's been ages that I didn't update the site..... ~_~
So this time I came with a brand new look in relation with the brand new album "Coast to Coast"!!!! I will update the site bit by bit this month. Stay tune!!! ^_^

*23 July 2000*

Sorry guys!!! It's been a very long time that I didn't update anything here.....
So this time I make a Westlife wallpaper for you all!!!
This is my debut wallpaper!!! Hope you guys like it!!!

Click the wallpaper to download
size: 800 x 600


* 4 June 2000*

Westlife interview in Taiwan.

During their Asia Tour recently, interviewer asked the guys to choose 5 Taiwan female singers to be the Taiwan Westlife. Interesting, right? ^_^ Here're what they have chosen!!!

Shane: Elva ¿½¨È°a


Mark: T-ana ¤B¤pªà


Bryan: Jolin ½²¨ÌªL


Nicky: A Mei ±i´f©f


Kian: Zhao Wei ©P¿·

Personally, I like Elva the most!!! She sings very well and has her own style. Shane does have very good taste hehehehe ^_^
And A Mei is the most popular among the 5. Just like a Taiwan Mariah Carey.

*28 May 2000*

Rumours again on Shane's love life.....

1) Shane is dating Natasha from Atomic Kitten, but at the same time, some fans said that actually is Mark dating Natasha.......

2) Shane is dating Kian's cousin Gillian. Some fans saw Gillian follows Westlife touring around the world. From their description, Gillian is a blonde gal, quite tall and fit.

*16 Apr 2000*

Wowow..... didn't update for a month..... sorry guys.......

This time I came up with a new layout, cool???

Recently lovely Mark has his new hairdo!!!! It's a skin-head!!!!!!!!

Though some ppl think the new hairdo doesn't suit Mark, I think it's cute and I will respect his decision on having a new look ^___^

*13 Mar 2000*

Wowow...... didn't update for almost 2 months..... sorry lads.....

Westlife single "Fool Again" will be released on 27 March

The US version "Swear it again" has released!!! There's a snippet include a brand new song"Private Movie"

*18 Jan 2000*

Follow up the rumour about Shane's girlfriend, he reveals that he still likes a girl from Sligo, whom he went out with when he was 13.
From: Smash Hits

Shane: She's cute, she's not a model, she's got a nice figure, blah, blah, blah,
SH: What's "blah, blah, blah"?
Shane: Very nice body, you know what I mean? (blushes and laughs) Whatever.
SH: Dark hair?
Shane: No, blonde. And she's a very nice person. She's very down to earth and when I go home she doesn't treat me like I'm in Westlife, she treats me like a normal guy.
SH: So, like a female Hugh Grant from Notting Hill then?
Shane: (Laughing) Exactly.

*17 Jan 2000*

3 new articles are updated!!! They are from Smash Hits, TV Hits and Live & Kicking.

*10 Jan 2000*

Today I bought the TOTP with Westlife 16-pages poster mag inside!!!
I''ve scanned the poster mag and pls have a look at it in Articles section ^_^

*9 Jan 2000*

There are rumours about Shane is having a girlfriend.....
Rumour 1) Shane is going out with a girl in Sligo who works in a resturant
Rumour 2) Shane is going out with a girl who is related to Kian
Rumour 3) Shane is going out with Nicky's sister Gillian (click to see her pic)
Rumour 4) Shane is going out with a fan in London

Another rumour is about Bryan.......
Source: Westlife Mailing List in UK
A girl in UK got the chance to enter a competition in a TV show with Westlife. And she won the game and have a chance to have dinner with Westlife.
"Bryan kept asking her if she had a boyfriend, and then she was sitting between him and Kian at dinner.  Bryan said "Emma's ( the name of the girl) my date for the evening" and then Kian said "I think you fancy Emma, Bryan" and Bryan said "Of course I do, she's beautiful" (sadly, this is very true, she is really pretty). And then she was telling me that NOTHING HAPPENED because...wait for it...SHE DOESN'T FANCY HIM!!!!! Is that CRAZY or what???????  I can't get my head round it!  And Nicky asked her if she'd ever thought about modelling, and they all wolf whistled at her when she went to the toilet on the plane and Bryan kept knocking on the door..."

What do you think??? So speak up here!!!
Just click here and have your say!!!

*7 Jan 2000*

Happy New Year!!!
I have 2 new year gifts for you guys (especially for those who are not from HK)

HMV magazine VOICE Jan 2000
Westlife -- Boy bands and blarney

The Sun (HK local newspaper) 5/1/2000
Westlife °µ Boyzone ±µ¯Z¤H

*26 Dec 99*

Finally I got the single!!! I love On the wings of love sooooooooooo much!!!!
Mark's voice is incredible!!!

* 20 Dec 99*

4 straight UK No.1!!!!!!! We did it!!!! Yes!!!! We've pulled down Cliff Richard from the No.1 place!!!
Shane knew this when he was doing the Pepsi Chart interview and his voice is shaking!!!
It's the best Christmas gift for the guys definitely!!!

*12 Dec 99*

Their latest double a-side single "I have a dream / Seasons in the sun" will be released on 13 Dec in UK
Dunno when we can get a copy in HK ~_~

*10 Dec 99*

Thanks all of you who are interested in the pics I've taken!
Since there are more than 30 ppl who requested the pics,
it's not possible for me to mail the pics to you guys.
So, for those who sent the submission form to me,
pls check your mailbox and give me your telephone no.
Therefore, I can arrange a meeting for all of you to get the pics.
One thing to remind you, each pic costs HK$2.

*2 Dec 99*

Message from Prima:

About the airport group pics with Westlife,
we will phone all the UFC Kids when the pics are ready.

*1 Dec 99*

More and more HK Tour pics were updated!!!

2 news coverage:

East Touch ªFTouch -- Westlife ¨Ó´äµe¤jªá­±

Sing Tao Daily PC fun -- Westlife ­»´ä¥^¦£¤§®È

*26 Nov 99*

The Westlife HK Tour report is available now!!!
Also added lots of pics in the HK Tour pics section!!!
So check it out!!!

Westlife HK Tour Report

Westlife HK Tour Gallery

If you want to swap pics with me, email me at

*25 Nov 99*

I've updated the Gallery page with HK Tour pics!!!!
Go and check it out now!!!

*24 Nov 99*
The 12 hours Westlife tour in HK is finished.
Feeling kinda upset coz dunno when they will be back to HK again.......
12 hours is definitely not enough!!!!!
HK tour report will be finished hopefully within this week.
And I will keep updating the HK tour gallery section.
Now let's read the news clipping from local newspaper

Apple Daily Ä«ªG¤é³ø -- Westlife ±Û­·­¢Ãz Planet Hollywood

Oriental Daily ªF¤è¤é³ø -- Westlife ¨Ó´ä¤k fans ¶K¨­°lÀH

The Sun ¤Ó¶§³ø -- Westlife 5 ²r¨k¦Ü·R§õª³

Ming Po Daily ©ú³ø -- ·Rº¸Äõ¼Ö¶¤ Westlife ¨Ó´ä«Å¶Ç·sºÐ­Ý»â¼ú

HK Daily News ·s³ø -- Westlife ±Û­·³X´ä

*9 Nov 99*
Westlife are coming to HK on 23 Nov!!!!
Finally they are coming to HK although just for 1 day.
Anyone who want to go to see Westlife together,
email me at
(If you gals dun think I'm too old to go out with you :p)

Westlife HK tour schedule (23 Nov, Tuesday)

Arrive at Chek Lap Kok Airport
Sooooooo early!

A function at California Red Karaoke Box
Really not sure what it's about.... Will they sing k with us???

Show case in Planet Hollywood
It would be a great show!!!!
Stay tune at FM Select104, you will have chance to get the tickets!

12:00am (midnight)
Back to UK
I will miss them.....very very much.......

I will keep updating the schedule from time to time! ^_^

P.S. What a pity there's no autograph session!!! ~_~

*27 Oct 99*
Flying Without Wings has gone to No.1 in UK single chart!!!!

Westlife debut album tracklist :

1. Swear it again Debut No.1 single in UK ^_^
2. If i let you go It's my fave among the 3 singles
3. Flying without wings A meaningful song with meaningful lyrics
4. Fooled again You won't be fooled again if you bought this album...haha
5. No no tell me u forgot to buy this album
6. I don't wanna fight Stop fighting.....each one of you will get Westlife's autograph
7. Change the world Westlife is changing the world of pop!
8. Moments All the Hong Kong fans are looking forward to spend a moment with u guys
9. Seasons in the sun Goodbye Michelle my little one.... Isn't Nicky's voice cute?
10. I need you Oh! Yes! We need you guys to stayin HK!
11. I miss you Yes.... we miss u guys too!
12. More than words A nice cover
13. Open your heart You've already taken my heart away la....
14. Try again Try again, never stop believing. Try again, don't give up your love...
15. What I want is what I got Oh that's so good....
16. We are one And u guys are the only one
17. Can't Lose What You Never Had It's true, right?


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