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Swear it again (EP)
Released: June 1999
Available only in Asia


1. Swear It Again (Radio Edit)
2. Until The End of Time
3. Forever
4. Everybody Knows
5. Lets Make Tonight Special
6. Don't Calm The Storm
7. Ronan Keating Interviews Westlife
Westlife -- The debut album
Released: 1st November 1999


1. Swear It Again
2. If I Let You Go
3. Flying Without Wings
4. Fool Again
5. No No
6. I Don't Wanna Fight
7. Change The World
8. Moments
9. Seasons In The Sun
10. I Need You
11. Miss You
12. More Than Words
13. Open Your Heart
14. Try Again
15. What I Want Is What I Got
16. We Are One
17. Can't Lose What You Never Had
Westlife -- Coast to Coast
Released: 6th November 2000


My Love
What Makes A Man
I Lay My Love On You
Against All Odds (Featuring Mariah Carey)
When You're Looking Like That
Somebody Needs You
Angel's Wings
Puzzle Of My Heart
Dreams Come True
No Place That Far
Close Your Eyes
Your Make Me Feel
Loneliness Knows Me By Name
Fragile Heart
Every Little Thing You Do
Nothing Is Impossible




Westlife -- Our Story


Swear it again
If I let you go
Seasons in the sun
Flying without wings
Westlife -- Coast to Coast


Special performance:
Medley of No.1's
What makes a man
More than words
I lay my love on you
Angel's wings
You make me feel
Fragile heart
My love

Music video:
Seasons in the sun
I have a dream
Fool again
Aganist all odds
My love

Westlife -- Karaoke


I have a dream
Swear it again
If i let you go
Flying without wings
Fool again
No no
I don't wanna fight
Change the world
Seasons in the sun
I need you
Miss you
More than words
Open your heart
Try again
What I want is what I've got
We are one
Can't lose what you never had




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