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Boys 'Rus! -- TV Hits Aug

It's time to delve into the craziness known as Westlife......

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Who rooms with who when you're away?

N: It's usually me and Bryan together, Shane and Kian share, then Mark has a room on his own 'cos he hates sharing!

B: But none of us want to share with him anyway! It started on the first Boyzone tour - I shared with Mark the first night, we'd just got into bed and he turned the TV on full blast and turned over to go to sleep! So since then he's never shared as he has to have the telly on really loud to get to sleep!

Who's the boss?

M: We all help each other out. Everyone has off days and when that happens, the others cover for him. It's team effort. It wouldn't work if one of us suddenly started acting like the boss.

B: Although I suppose Shane and Kian are the most bossy ones, and Nikcy can get a bit bossy as well!

N: But it's only if we're, like, doing a photoshoot and the lads are messing around. I'll say, 'Cop on lads, be professional,' and Shane or Kian might say it as well, but Bryan never would - 'cos he's always the one messing around, heh heh!

Who gets picked on the most?

K: Me!

S: You don't - I do!

M: We all get picked on by Bryan - he's the worst!

K: He can tell when you're having a bad day and he won't leave you alone!

B: I'd say Kian, 'cos of us four are having slagging match he never gets invovled, so we can pick on him and he doesn't answer back!

N: But you can never beat Bryan 'cos he's always got a quick, smart answer for everything!

B: It's a defence mechanism from school because I was fat and always got picked on!

So who's the band joker?

S: Bryan. He never stops!

K: He has us in hyterics - he's just such a deutz!

M: Everything he says and does makes us laugh!

Who gets into the most trouble?

All: Bryan!

S: He's real softy, but he just can't help putting his foot in it!

Describe the person next to you in three words...

S: Mark is shy, erm... generous and... he's considerate.

K: Shane's a deutz, a deutz and a deutz! No - he's funny, romantic and sensitive.

M: (thanks for ages...) Can't you come back to me? No? OK... Kian's a deutzy, committed blonde - commited to the band, I mean.

N: Bryan's very friendly and never stops singing! he's straight to the point - and a good slagger!

B: Nicky is level-headed and can never be wrong! He's a charmer as well - even though he's got a girlfriend, he chats up women just for sport! It's not fair - I don't have a girlfriend and I just can't chat women up, but he's got a real charm about him.

Who has the most luck with the laydees?

B: The only one who goes out looking is Kian. He's a bit of a Romeo and always wants to go out!

M: It's definitely Kian. He turns on the charm, do you know what I mean?

K: that doesn't mean they're all good-looking girls, though! No don't say that, I don't mean it. I just like chatting girls up - it's good for you!

Who's the best dancer?

M: Shane. He's got all the moves!

S: (touched) Aw, thanks - I didn't know you thought that!

Who's talk the most?

K: Bryan. Believe us, if you share a room with him, he'll still be talking to you after you've fallen asleep!

B: I think it depends what mood we're in, but Mark's definitely the one who speaks least!

What qualities do you need to be in Westlife?

M: You have to have a good personality to get on with us and you can't be too sensible. You have to be able to dance, and most importantly, you have to have a good voice.

K: You have to be committed 'cos you have to work hard.

Who's the biggest poser?

M: (looking at Kian) Who do you think it is?! (suddenly Kian's mobile rings - it's his mum!)

K: (When he's come off the phone) I'm not a poser - my hair just takes ages to do!

S: None of us are posers, but you take longer to get ready.

K: Bryan's just as bad as me...

S: Yeah, the two blondes. Nicky's pretty bad as well - it must be a blonde thing!

Who's the clumsiest?

K: Mark. He's on cloud nine all the time.

N: I think it's Shane, by far. Actually, he's not so much clumsy - just a bit dazed! (Nicky and Bryan then regale us with Shane stories which they won't let us print, but if you ever bump into Shane, ask him the one about salt and the phone...!)

B: He's probably the smartest in the band, but his attention span's really short.

Which of you stays out the latest?

S: Kian's definitely the worst for that.

K: Mmm - when I lived at home, I used to go out and not come back 'til three o'clock the next afternoon. I'm not so bad now, but I still like a party. I blame Bryan - he's bad influence!

Who's the shyest?

S: Mark. He's quite reserved. In an interview he might come across as shy, but once he gets going, he's not at all.

K: He's the maddest when you get to know him!

M: I really hope no one thinks I'm sociable 'cos I'm not - I'm just quiet.

S: he's the strong, silent type. You have to warm him up a bit!

What annoys you about each other?

S: Kian annoys me in the morning - he shouts at me to wake me up, and even threw water over me once! I hate it.

M: Sometimes Shane doesn't listen to you. He stares into space while you're going, 'Shane. Shane. SHANE!' then he goes, 'WHAT!?' That's annoying.

K: Bryan never stops talking. We just ignore him half the time!

N: He even talks in his sleep! Once he was asleep and I was on the phone, then he sat up and said, 'Britney Spears is on the window ledge!' It was hysterical!

Who carts the most luggage around?

K: Bryan. He's got a bag of 200 CDs he carries around, and then he only listens to one tape! And he breaks everything...

S: He bought a Minidisc and a couple of days later he dropped it down the toilet! He leaves his clothes wherever he goes, too. There are bits of Bryan over Europe!

M: The stupidest thing he's done is drive off in a taxi, leaving his suitcase on the pavement!

Have any of you ever fancied the same girl?

K: Yeah - Bryan always copies you if you say you fancy a girl. Like, Mark used to fancy Mariah Carey, so Bryan did, too. He fancies Britney Spears now and I'm sure it's just because I do!

Which band member would you go to for advice?

M: Shane, because he never listens to you so you know you're not annoying him! Only joking.

K: I'd go to Mark - he's a sensitive soul!

B: I always go to Nicky for personal things, but if it's about singing then I'd got to Shane.

N: I'd go to Bryan 'cos I relate to him more. Maybe it's that Dublin thing!

What do you do if you need to get away?

S: I just take a walk across the road...

K: I slowly breathe in and out. Sometimes it does feel like we see too much each other - especially when Bryan knocks on your door at two am and says, 'Let's watch telly'!

N: If it gets too much, I go up to my room to just chill.

B: But it's werid - when we go home we'll say we don't want to see anyone, and an hour later we're out together!

What's the best thing about being in Westlife?

K: Following the dream and getting to do it with our best mates.

N: Yeah - travelling the world with four new friends and having the time of my life!


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