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Confession of a Boy Band -- TOTP Aug

When Westlife dished the dirt on their deepest, darkest secrets only one magazine got a look in. So, who peed in their auntie's face, how amny members of the band have cross-dressed and which Westlife is a peeping tom?

Warning: This is the most shocking Westlife interview you will ever read!

Kian dressed up as Marilyn Monroe!

"It was for a musical variety show and I sang Happy Birthday. I also dressed up as Cilla Black and I have to say I was quite good as both of them. I had two big balloons up my dress, a blonde wig and a beauty spot and I hitched the dress up so you could see my boxer shorts underneath."

Nicky stole from his best friend!

"I've never admitted to this before but when I was in primary school the circus came to town and everyone in the class got a ticket each, but I wanted an extra one. I remember watching my best friends Colm putting his ticket in his pencil case and it was just too tempting so I stole it! I've never told him to this day, and he's going to find out through TOTP Magazine! Sorry Colm!

Bryan wears girls' bra tops! (Erm, what other sort of bra tops are there?)

"there's a photo of me on holiday a few years ago wearing a pair of my jeans and my sister's tiny, pink bra top. I had my hair up and sunglasses on my head. I did it for a laugh and my sister still keeps the picture on her wall."

Mark snogged two cousins in one night!

"One Halloween night my mates and I got talking to this group of girls and we all snogged one of the girls. Then we went off and we bumped into another group of girls and I snogged this girl who I later found out was the first girl's cousin! then we went on to a night club and I snogged another girl - she wasn't connected, thank goodness."

Shane was very familiar with ladies' lingerie!

"I used to flick stright to the lingerie section in my mum's catalogues. I thought it was deadly. That was my first glimpse of real women! I remember one day watching a girl in her bedroom just as she started undoing her trousers. the windowsill got in the way so I couldn't see anything. Then she was just about to pull her top off but she changed her mind and pulled the blind down!"

Kian's a motorway mooner!

"When I was on football trips, we'd be travelling in the bus and the whole team would moon all the cars behind us. We'd all just stick our cheeks to the window! No one ever seemed very impressed."

Nicky once appeared on TV with no pants on!

"It was a TV show in Italy and basically me, Shane, Bryan and Kian did a performance with no boxer shorts on. We let it all hang loose! We were wearing white trousers and Shane had black boxers on which were showing through. So, he couldn't wear them and the rest of us decided to keep him company!"

Bryan and Kian share girls!

"Me and Kian always used to compete for girls and since we've been in the band there's been about six or seven girls which both of us have gone out with. It backfired on us once when it turned out we were both seeing the same girl at the same time without realising it."

Shane used to flash on the beach!

"When I was younger I was always getting cought changing on the beach. usually I'd be spotted in the sand dunes with my wet shorts half on and half off. I'd think, 'Great, no one can see me here', and then a group of girls would talk past and see the lot."

Bryan once weed in his auntie's face!

"Iwas only a baby at the time. She was changing my nappy and I peed a direct hit in her face. She loves telling that story in front of my friends."

Mark was a teenage joyrider. (Sort of!)

"I was desperate to learn to drive and when I was 13 I persuaded my dad to teach me. I learnt in my mum's old car in the fields out the back of my parent's house. To get from the field to my house you have to drive about half a mile on the road. I'd pinch the car keys from the house and drive from the field to my house on my own. My parents used to go mad at me, saying, 'the cops'll catch you! You'll get us all into trouble! Stop doing it!' but I didn't!"

Nicky's mum dressed him up like a girl!

"My mum used to always dress me the same as my sister until I was about six. Not exactly the same but if my sister had a pink tracksuit, I'd have the same tracksuit in blue and there are loads of pictures of use wearing the same T-shirts and shorts. really nice!"

Bryan was a very bad boy!

"All my aunties hated me as a child and they refused to look after me. I used to pit bleach into milk bottles and I once flushed my mum's wedding rings down the toilet. She never found them again! I also cut my own hair the day before Communion because I had a horrible bowl 'do which swept to the side. my mum wasn't happy."

Shane snogged his girlfriend's mates!

"Loads of em! When I was about 14 if I was with one firl I's always end up with three or four of her friends one after the other. In fact I once went out with one girl just because I fancied her best friend. It was the easiest way to get near her."

Kian's a serial window smasher!

"I broke my neighbour's window twice, once with a water bomb and then a snowball. they were both accidental, but I didn't feel bad coz she always used to take my football away from me. She came up to my mother the other day and said, 'Oh Kian, he's doing great isn't he?' so I don't think there are any hard feelings."

Nicky was the headmaster's pet!

"My headmaster was a football manager as well so he absolutely loved me! I remember when Georgina and I first started going out we were caught snogging at the school gates. Anyway, the next day she was hauled in front of him and I wasn't!"

Bryan was punished for his loud farts!

"When I was at school I got lines for dropping a big squelchy, loud fart. My teacher, who was a priest, made me write 'I must not fart in class' 100 times. I left that school shortly afterwards."

Shane played with girls' toys!

"I used to have a toy cat called Kitty. It wasn't a pink cat bit it wasn't a black cat either if you know what I mean. It was something a girl would definitely have had. I'd hide him under the bed when my friends came round."

Bryan pees in public!

"I'll always be doing it just when loads of people are walking past and my pee's trickling down the lande. they habe to jump over it to avoid stepping in it."

Kian blubbed in a club!

"When I broke up with my first serious girlfriends I was absolutely gutted. One night I was at this club, and of course, my ex-girlfirend was there. After a few drinks I got a little emotional and I ended yp just slumped in a corner crying my eyes out all night!"

Bryan made Ronan's mate puke!

"We were round at Ronan's having dinner. One of his friends was having a drink and we swapped his short with a swig of vinegar. then we started going 'Drink, drink, drink!' He did it, his face turned green and then he puked everywhere!"

Shane broke the law!

" I was caught speeding past a hospital doing 47mph in a 30 mph zone. there were four us in the car and it was just after I'd passed my test. We were on our way to the Irish trials for rugby and we were late so on the bigger roads I was probably doing a lot faster. Luckily the cop loved rugby so he let me off although he wasn't too happy with my dodgy number plate."

Mark dressed up as a posh laydee!

"When I was in the scouts we put on a play and I had to dress up as a woman! I was in a small scene with another guy, he was dressed up as a sporty woman and I was working a posh look. I was wearing a scarf, my mum's high heels, earrings, a skirt and her big coat rom about 20 years ago! It was in front of my whole parish - can u imagine how embarrassing that was?"

Kian's life was saved by a washing line!

"I was in a holiday centre where this event called the Community Games was taking place. It must have been around midnight and I was sitting on this railing out on a balcony which was a bit wet. Next thing you know, my foot slipped and I fell back. Luckily enough my foot got caught in a clothes line which broke my fall. I fell headfirst about two storeys and I was still knocked unconscious with a dislocated shoulder. Who knows what would happened without that washing line?!"

Nicky once pretended to be a member OTT!

"I must have been about 17 and I was living in Leeds. Me and three other lads from Dublin got chatting to these firls who asked us what we were doing in England. So we told them we were in a new Irish boy band called OTT coz it was around the time when OTT were just about to hit Britain. And they believed us! They asked if we knew Boyzone and we pretended we did. They even asked us for autographs! In a way though it wasn't so much of a lie, but a premonition coz three years later I am in an Irish boy band and I do know Boyzone!"

Mark was weed upon (but not by Bryan)!

"My auntie had a new born kitten and it was so gorgeous I was cuddling it and I wouldn't let it go. Next thing I knew it had weed all over my smart top that I was wearing to go out for lunch!"

Kian torments Nicky about his phobias!

"Nicky's terrified about being stuck in a lift so I'm always dragging him into them, jumping p and down, pretending it's stuck, anything just to freak him out! Actually... I toprment Nicky about most of his phhobias!"

Bryan was once a self-confessed geek!

"I collected Dicovery Magazine. Looking back it was such boring thing to do coz it's all about stuff like the Kings and Queens of England. I used to keep each copy carefully stahed away in a file!"

Nicky snogged 11 girls in one night!

"It was at a party to celebrate our exam results and I must have been 15. It's one of those nights when everyone just goes out and goes mad. I was at this nightclub called The Furnace in Dublin, which has actually closed down now, and I must have had about 11 snogs. I don't think it was any more than that!"

Shane wears dirty knickers!

"I went away for a three-day rugby tournament and I forgot all my boxer shorts. We were in the middle of nowhere and I had to wear the same pair day in, day out, even during the matched. They smelt after a while."

Mark was told off by a girlfriend's parents!

"I was meeting my girlfriend's parents for the first time and trying to sound like the nicest little kid ever. they asked about my interests and I said, 'I like singing, dancing, acting and go-karting.' Their faces dropped and I got a hugh lecture about the dangers of go-karting and was warned never take their daughter near a go-kart, it was sooo embarrassing."

Bryan can spit a long way!

"I bite my fingernails and spit them out. I once spat off a roof and hit someone. I didn't mean to but it was a direct hit,"


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