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My Favourite Lyrics

Hanson ~~~ Weird

Isn't it weird? Isn't it strange?
Even though we're just two strangers
On this runaway train
We're both trying to find
A place in the sun
We've lived in the shadows
But doesn't everyone?
Isn't it strange?
How we all feel a little bit weird sometimes?

Isn't it hard standing in the rain?
Yeah, you're on the verge of going crazy
And your heart's in pain
No one can hear
But you screaming so loud
You feel like you're all alone
In a faceless crowd
Isn't it strange?
How we all get a little bit of weird sometimes?

Oh, sitting on the side, waiting for a sign
Hoping that my luck will change
Reaching for a hand that'll understand
Someone who feels the same
When you live in a cookie-cutter world
Being different is a sin
So you don't stand out
But you don't fit in

"Being different is a sin" Most of the time, we are required to follow rules. In Primary school, students are not encouraged to have their own thoughts. Even doing homework, they would have to follow the format given by teachers. The creativity of children is killed in this way. So "we don't stand out, but we don't fit in" It's really weird!


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