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MP3 Songlist

I list out all the albums and singles I have here and you can contact me if you want any mp3 from the  list! ^_^


Album / Single
Recommended Song / Comment
Ant & Dec 1)The cult of Ant & Dec
2) Very best of PJ & Duncan-Ant & Dec
Falling, When I fall in love
Eternal love, Perfect
Ash 1) A life less ordinary (Single) Theme song of the movie "A life less ordinary)
Backstreet Boys 1) Backstreet Boys

2) Backstreet's back
3) A night out with Backstreet Boys

4) Millenium

I'll never break your heart, Anywhere for you
As long as you love 
B-Rok solo--That's what she said/Where can we go from here
I want it that way, Show me the meaning of being lonely, The perfect fan
Still on your side Guitar pop. Really a good song!
Bernard Butler 1) Stay (single) The sea
Blur 1) Blur
2) Blur 13
Beetlebum, Song 2
Tender, coffee or tv
Boyzone 1) Said and Done

2) A different beat

3) Where we belong

4) By request

5) Everyday I love you

Coming home now, Love me for a reason, Father and son
Don't stop looking for love, Words
Where did you go, All that I need
You needed me, All the time in the world, I'll never not need you
It's a great song for X'mas!!!
Britney Spears
From the bottom of my broken heart
(You drive me) Crazy
Oops! I did it again
The 3 songs are my fav in her album

Wonderful album!!! Don't let me be the last to know is my fav song!!!

1) Peace 17 again, I saved the world today
Ewan Mcgregor TV-Eye A song from the film "Velvet Goldmine"
Hanson 1) Weird (single) Good lyric
Kavana 1) Special kind of something (single) Good lyric
Kula Shaker 1) Summer Sun EP
2) Peasants, pigs & astronauts
Mystical machine gun
1) Shades of purple They are 2 talented girls from Norway. 
Don't say you love me, Mirror mirror
Mansun 1) Attack of the grey latern Stripper vicar, Wide open space
Mel C
1) Northern star Never be the same again, Northern star, Be the one
Natalie Imbruglia 1) Left of the middle Torn, Wishing I was there
Point Break
Stand tough
Freaky time
Good song!
Radiohead 1) OK computer Let down
Rialto 1) Rialto Monday morning 5:19, Dream another dream
Richard Ashcroft
1) Alone with everybody Richard Ashcroft is the vocal and composer of The verve. This is his debut solo album.  A song for the lovers, I get a beat
Robbie Williams No regrets
She's the one
It's only us
Very good song!

Latest single with great melodies!!!

Savage Garden 1)Truly madly deeply (single)

2) Affirmation

A good love song

Crush and burn is my fav song in the album!!!

S Club 7
1) S Club Two in a million, I really miss you, Bring it all back and of coz the wonderful S Club Party!!!
Stephen Gately
1) New beginning Stephen is a member in Boyzone and this is his debut solo album!!!
I believe, Stay, Where do we go
Suede 1) Coming up

2) Sci-fi lullabies

3) Headmusic

Trash, Picnic by the motorway, Beautiful ones......
Every monday morning, This time, Europe is our playground
She's in fashion, Everything will flow
The Verve 1) Urban Hymns Drugs don't work, Bitter sweet symphony
1) The man who The greatest rock band ever!!!
Turn, Driftwood
Westlife 1) Swear it again (Asian EP)
2) If I let you go

3) Flying without wings
4) Westlife (Album)

5) I have a dream / Seasons in the sun

6) Swear it again (US single)
7) Fool again

Until the end of time, Forever 
Very catchy song! their second No.1 single!
Try again (b-side)
A meaningful song~~ Great!!
Miss you -- it's so sexy when Shane sings "I miss you"
Moment -- it's meaningful!
Great X'mas songs!!! Don't forget the wonderful b-side "On the wings of love" Mark's voice is incredible!!!
Snippet with 4 songs
Fool again (2000 mix), Tunnel of love
911 1) The Journey

2) Moving on

3) There it is

4) Wonderland

The day we find love, Bodyshakin'
How do you want me to love you!
More than a woman, Private number
Latest single, sounds like Take That--Never forget


Album / Single
Recommended Song / Comment
Namie Amuro 1) 181920 Can you celebrate?
Kinki Kids 1) A album

2) Jetcoaster Romance (single)
3) B album

4) Zenbu Dakishimete (single)
5) Happy Happy Greeting
6) Yamenaide, Pure (single)
7) Flower (single)
8) C album

9) Ame no Melody/to Heart

Friends,Setsunai Koi Ni Kizuite 
Hello (b-side)

Suppin girl, Ai Nante Kotoba Jya Ienai, Slowly 
Ao No Jidai 

Cinderella Christmas

Baby love (b-side)

A funny cheerful song 
Samazama na ai, A no toki no sora 
Latest single includes theme song of to Heart

B'z 1) The best "Treasure" Itsukano Merry Christmas 
Smap 1) Le festa (EP) Beautiful
Judy & Mary 1) Sanpo Michi (single) Happy song
Speed 1) Moment White love, Alive
Ryoko Hirosue 1) Arigato
2) Private
Ashita e
My little lover 1) New Adventure Destiny, Stardust
Every little thing 1) Time to destination Deatta koro no you ni, Time goes by
Globe 1) Relation SA YO NA RA ,across the street, cross the water

If you want any of them, contact me at or you can contact me in ICQ (3275529)

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